Apple TV 4K Review

The Apple TV 4K has some of the best streaming available on a 4K device, and it even comes with HDR and Dolby Vision as well, and it provides a positive streaming experience. It also has excellent Siri voice options. However, it is expensive. It doesn’t stream youtube in 4K or HDR either, which makes it kind of a downer.  The devices from Roku and others have similar capabilities. But, it is one of the best streamers on the market, and if you’re willing to forgo the price, it may be a wonderful idea.

This streaming device does stream amazon prime video, and it has a new update, so if you are a Dolby Atmos fan, this is a wonderful streaming device.  This is just getting better too, and it now has a channels option that comes with iTunes integration. It also has support for multiple user accounts, along with PS4 and Xbone gaming controllers, so it’s great because once the Apple Arcade service releases, it will be useful.

This one is pretty good, and it only costs 30 bucks more to get the 4K experience.  It definitely is pretty easy to navigate, and the biggest competition thus far is the Roku streaming stick of course.

When compared to the two main juggernauts in the streaming business, the Amazon fire TV stick 4K and the Roku streaming stick, you may want to go with those two, since Roku is still one of the best on the market for half the price.

But the 4K Apple TV does a pretty good job, and let’s face it, compared to other products from Apple this is a steal, especially when you look at some of the other audio equipment that’s out there that does this. With 4K being almost a given these days, the 4K Apple TV works great.

It does have incredible streaming quality available, and for people willing to pay for it, it’s worth it. It does come with the Dolby Vision HDR, and it also has really polished and smooth audio, and it definitely is a nice price for whatever you’re paying for it.  it’s definitely cheaper than other systems.

But, when you compare it to say the Roku Streaming stick, this is half as much as the other, and it’s almost as good. The Roku can do what the Apple TV does but in almost a better sense.

If you do have an Apple ecosystem already, then this may be a good investment. But otherwise, you may be better off going with a competitor rather than an actual Apple device, simply due to the fact that the price of this is a bit much, and it can be a turnoff from other devices and other types of streaming services that are out there, that’s for sure.

If you’re stumped, the Roku may be a better option due to the price, but this is pretty good. You check different apple product reviews to make a final decision. If it were cheaper, it would be more of a contender.