Apple Pay Vs. Samsung Pay Vs. Google Pay, which is the best one

Mobile payments may be making your wallet obsolete, but they’re not equal. Here, we’ll talk about some of the pros and cons of each, and which one is the most widely accepted currently.

Samsung pay is used on phones since the note 5 and beyond, and also the Gear watch and the S2 models. It works in 24 countries, and you use Fingerprint, iris, or a PIN to activate. It works with most magnetic strip or EMV terminals, and in-app purchases. This works with loyalty, debit, and credit cards. It works with a wide variety of banks, and PayPal as well.

Apple Pay works with Apple iPhones since the SE, and the Apple watch, but also with the MacBook Pro, and iPads since the fifth generation. It works in 41 countries worldwide, and it can be activated with Face ID or fingerprint. It works with web purchases and most NFC terminals. It takes credit, debit, and loyalty cards, and many banks.

Finally, you’ve got google pay which works with android phones with NFC and HCE support, and it needs to be running Android 4.4 or higher. It works in 29 countries and works with Fingerprint, PIN, pattern, or password, and it works with NFC terminals, and in-app and web purchases. It accepts most credit, debit, loyalty, and gift cards. It works with a full list of banks, and PayPal too.

With most of these, once you’ve added the card and are in a place that accepts this payment, you can then use it.  Samsung pay lets you work with any terminal that includes a card reader.

Samsung pay is probably the best in terms of how much you can use it since it uses NFC and magnetic secure transmission that holds up against any terminal without the merchant updating the POS systems. Offline payments are supported on all platforms, and you can use this on most public transit systems.

In terms of security though, apple pay requires you to go through a lot of different authentication, whereas Google only needs to be unlocked with a pattern or PIN, or password, making not to be as secure as others.

All three have a lot of different ways to pay, and a lot of great options, and both Samsung and Google pay work with over 340,000 sites that use the Visa checkout, and Chase pay works with Samsung Pay too, so you just need to look.

With peer to peer payments, google pay is probably the best, since you can do this with any phone number or email address on there, and google pay is pretty simple and straightforward.

Now, which one is best for you is really dependent on the ecosystem that you have, and the location you’re in.  if you’re an Apple user, then apple pay works. But, Samsung pay has the most terminals, but if you’re using apps and such, google pay has the most flexible way to pay.