Apple Raises Starting Price Once Again

Apple upgraded the newest Macbook air and pro laptops, but both of these have vanished from the website. The $999 MacBook air and the 12 inch pro ar no longer available, but now, the price has jumped up 100 dollars to the $1099 Macbook air and the 13 inch pro. Both of these are now the new entry-level MacBooks.

This is part of a new trend to hike up the prices of these products in each of the lines. It now streamlines the lineup further, offering a simpler, but more expensive, set of options for every single customer.  The $999 MacBook Air will be available for educators though.

Though the iPhone continues to generate most of the revenue, the Mac has started to become the second in the hardware line, surpassing the sales of the iPad.

This was first released only about 4 years ago, and it’s the low-cost option for college students. But, it was getting annual updates until 2017, and now, it has a much higher price tag, which will affect whether these young college students or professionals can afford the device.

This did get a few new design changes over the years, and now, it’s thinner, sleeker, and while it doesn’t have the Retina and the 4K screens, this one definitely has gotten some new upgrades.

It now contains a much more shallower keyboard, however and were more prone to damage, and didn’t offer the same tactile experience that the previous versions did. Apple has said the new air and pro would come with a keyboard during the third generation that would supposedly address all of these issues.

The 12 inch MacBook made its debut around the same time, and it was essentially a smaller version of the pro, and not as expensive as it, but more expensive than the air. It was the first to incorporate just one USB-C port, which means that most people would need a dongle to incorporate more peripherals.

There was a new release on this one which rendered the previous one irrelevant though.

However, new searches still show these laptops on there, but now, it will redirect to the new landing page.

So what does that mean for the new phones and other devices that will come out from Apple? Will the price be hiked further? Probably and possibly, but who knows, maybe there will be a potential for this to start to lessen over time.

The truth about Apple products is they are designer, and they must keep up with the current trends. So who knows, there might be more information about why the price spike very soon, and there may even be another laptop coming down the road. Only time will tell on this, and the best thing for you to do is to keep up with this, and look into each of the detail so you can figure out for yourself what is going on behind the scenes, and with these devices too.