There are new Apple products coming out sooner than you think. Here, we’ll talk about the top Apple products coming out, and what you should keep an eye on.

First is the Apple card, which is essentially a new credit card that’s linked to Apple Pay right in the Wallet app. It is partnered with Goldman Sachs in terms of cards, and it will give you 3% cash back on Apple purchases, and 2% rewards for Apple pay purchases, and 1% back on every other purchase, and there will be both physical and digital cards.

Then in September, we will be getting the 2019 iPhones, which will be the newest models.  There aren’t going to be significant design changes, but we predict a smaller notch, frosted glass, and possibly a triple-lens camera, which will replace the dual-lens of the past. The XD and the XS Max successors will also come in new colors too. We also heard about USB-C rumors, but those are still rumors, and you can expect the A13 chip to finally get released, along with wifi, LTE, and bigger batteries, along with wireless charging.

Then there is the Apple watch series 5, which is going to have a new ceramic design, more ECG support, and additional countries supporting it. There will be new health features probably, including a non-invasive blood glucose monitoring. Ere is a chance for a micro-LED display as a possibility, along with solid state buttons. We really don’t know next what will transpire, but it will probably be out in September, just like with the new iPhone.

There is also the Apple TV+ which is supposed to be an original TV and movies set, and while there isn’t any pricing announced, ti will be released alongside the new phones and is supposed to be a competitor to other TV systems, including fire TV.

There is also new software to be had, which includes the iOS systems going all the way up to 13 now.  These will obviously launch alongside the phones and other hardware.

Finally, you’ve got the Apple Arcade service, which is a streaming service that is supposed to compete with Goole’s own. Basically, for a monthly fee, you’ll be able to play premium games, and while there isn’t a lot of information on this, it’s virtually the same thing as these other services.

While there is the Mac Pro that’s coming out too, this still doesn’t have a release date, and it’s essentially got 28 cores in it, 1.5 TB of RAM, 2 Radion Pro II Duo GPUS, and a new lattice design, and while it is expensive, there are leaks, and you may be seeing this sooner than you think.

These are the new Apple products you should keep an eye out for if you’re an Apple fan, for these products are new and innovative, and are certainly quite interesting to boot as well, and could be some nice upgrades for you too.