Other instruments

The serpent (17-18th centuries) and the "ophicleide" (19th century), brass instruments of low tessitura, predecessors of the tuba


The preceding pages were devoted to specific instruments like the ones of the cobla, the the gralla, the oboe, or harpsichord, all of them of special significance to me. In this page I gather information about other instruments or groups of instruments, or general information like e.g. about museums of music.


Link to the Web of the Museu de la Música in Barcelona.

Link to the Web of the National Music Museum, located in the University of South Dakota. Very interesting the section of the collections of the Museum, and the links to other web pages about instruments. A lot of information, a web site to spend hours wandering.

Link to the Web site of Edinburgh University Collection of Historic Musical Instruments, with photos of all the instruments families. Particularly interesting is the page about keyboard instruments, with many descriptions, photos and drawings.

Link to the main page of CIMCIM (International Commitee for Museums and Collections of Musical Instruments), where you can find a very good information about the preservation and restoration of historical instruments: The care of Historic Musical instruments. Full text on-line.

Also interesting is the list of Museums adhered to CIMCIM, with links to the Web page of each of the museums.

Specific Information

Web page of Joan Vives about the recorder and many other aspects of early music performance.

"Aula de Consulta", from the Early Music departament of the Music Conservatorium in Murcia, devoted to the flute and mantained by professor Agostino Cirillo.

Page devoted to Middle-Ages instruments: "Instruments pour jouer les musiques du Moyen Age".

Pictures of bagpipes in medieval manuscripts.

A writting about medieval music, inside a Web dedicated to the Middle Ages (culture, phylosophy, literature, science). With some pictures of musical instruments.

the lutherie in the Middle Ages, a page by Vincenzo Cipriani, an italian maker of lutes, and other string instruments.

The Manesse Codex, is a swiss medieval manuscript from the fist half of the 14th century, where there are near 140 pages with illustrations, mainly of Gentlemen, Ladies and Kings, but also with some musical instruments. this Web reproduces the whole book: it is time consuming to look at, but it is worth to do it.

The Galpin Society, is an organization dedicated to the study of the musical instruments. And through its Links to other musical instruments web pages, we will be able to access interesting orcurious pages, like this one, The serpent website.