Some examples de cobla ensembles

La Principal de La Bisbal
a most traditional
and paradigmatic Cobla


but with innovating projects such as the
Simf˛nica de Cobla i Corda de Catalunya.
Click the pix for a video, and here for some texts.

Cobla Sant Jordi-Ciutat de Barcelona,
a famous cobla, on account of its many good concerts.

La Principal d'Amsterdam,
a most unexpected type of Cobla on account of its point of origin.

La Principal de la nit
is an unorthodox ensemble:
cobla' instruments
combined with voices,
traditional percussion and
electronic bases.


More data on the cobla ensembles

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In many occasions, the Sardana and the Cobla are no longer equivalents: this is the subject of an article published on the Revista Musical Catalana, September 2008, El binomi cobla-sardana.

M˙sics per la Cobla's webpage, with a goal to preserve and spread the catalan music, and specially, the music for Cobla. Particularly interesting is the video at DIVERSOS: Que Ús la cobla?

The instruments of the cobla

A Webpage about The popular instruments in Catalunya, where we find the instruments of the cobla, and others.

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Webpage from Cobla Baix Llobregat, with a good description of the Cobla Instruments, in particular the one on the flabiol (small recorder).

The Tenora and Tible (Catalan shawms), an article from Wikipedia.

A Thesis writting (in catalan), A study on the Accoustics of the Tenora and the Tible.

Page on the Fiscorn, made by the fiscorn player Pep Moliner. Interesting the chapter on "hist˛ria".