Francesc Rius - Chronology

1945   Born December 16th, in Terrassa (Barcelona).
1956 Firsts examinations at Conservatori del Liceu, as "external student"; subjects: theory and piano.
1959 Finished High School.

Entered the School of Technical Engineering in Terrassa, to study the speciality in Chemistry.
1963 Composed my first music works: for piano, chamber music, and specially, "sardanes" (this is a catalan dance music written for a particular wind band of 11 instruments).
1964 Started conducting choirs. Conductor of "Coral del Centre Excursionista de Terrassa" till 1967, when I leave for Tarragona.
1966 Title of "Industrial Chemist". Started working as a chemist in a factory producing and finishing textile fabrics.

This year I pass the exam of 5th course in piano, but later I have to quit due to lack of practicing time. My piano teachers in Terrassa had been Miquel Margarit, Nuria Serrat, and Josep M¬ MartÝ.
1967 I moved to Tarragona to joint The Dow Chemical Co., a USA company for which I worked the following 31 years, pursuing a technical career as a researcher in the speciality of industrial plastics.

During all these years, the development of new products resulted in permanent contact with the market and customers all over Europe: this brought me to improve my fluency in languages, specially english, but also french, italian and a litle german.
1968 Conductor of "Coral Boixerica" in Tarragona, till 1975.
1969 After having attended a few studying terms in choir conducting, among them the ones in Lleida organized by ôA Coeur Joieö and "Orfeˇ LleidatÓ", with professors Lucien Jean-Baptiste, Cesar Geoffray, Erwin List, i LluÝs Virgili, I get the title of ź Choir Conductor ╗.
Later on I have also attended classes in Choir Conducting by Leo Massˇ, Oriol Martorell, Manuel Cabero, Enric Ribˇ and Michel Corboz.
1971 I resume my piano studies at "Conservatori de Tarragona" with professor Carme Flexas, and take examination of 6th year. I again realize I have not enough practicing time and have to quit, this time definitely in 1973.
1972 I marry Nuri Francino, with whom I will have two daughters, Marta and Monica.
1975 Conductor of singing group "Camerata de Tarragona", till 1980.
1978 Summer course in orchestra conducting with Jacques Bodmer, at "Curs de M˙sica de Vila-Seca". Attend again the same course the following year.
1980 The company for which I work offered me a job in Switzerland, where I relocated for two years.

There my enthusiasm for early music gets more solid. I own my first harpsichord, in fact a "spinet", and start to practice as autodidact. Later on, I will go to a few summer courses in Daroca, having Jan Willen Jansen and Christine Whiffen as harpsichord teachers.
1986 First concerts with the baroque music group Concertare, made up of musicians from Tarragona and Reus, with the following instruments: violin, flute - traverso and recorder - , violoncello, and harpsichord.

Conductor of a students' orchestra, linked to "Conservatori de Tarragona". Till 1988.
1987 Two years studying violoncello, which serve me to know the technicalities of the instrument (positions, bow distribution, etc.) on which I am interested, specially from the point of view of conducting. With my father, Josep Rius, cello professor.
1989 I study slide trombone at "Escola de la Banda de M˙sica de Tarragona" during one year, also to better know brass instruments, from the point of view of conducting.
1995 Organ studies at "Conservatori de Tarragona", with Jordi VergÚs. Till 1999.

I had practiced organ before, specially at Daroca summer courses with JosÚ Luis Gonzßlez Uriol, and at Montblanc with Josep Maria Mas Bonet, and afterwards I have attended classes with Montserrat Torrent.
1998 I reach an agreement with my company employer, which is restructuring its workforce, and as a result, end my work relationship with it and therefore end my job dedication as a chemist.
1999 I start my hundred per cent dedication to music.

I teach Music history and Counterpoint at "Escola de M˙sica del Centre de Lectura de Reus".

I start studies of baroque oboe with Xavier Blanch.

I learn to play gralla and joint the group of gralla players at Colla Jove Xiquets de Tarragona.
2000 Official studies of harpsichord with Mireia HernÓndez at "Conservatori del Liceu".

Start a university degree in Musicology, at the "Universitat Aut˛noma de Barcelona".
2003 I finish my university degree in Musicology (and get the "2003 special award" for this degree).

Title of "professor superior" in harpsichord. (last course professor was Jordi Reguant)

I joint the "Escola Superior de M˙sica de Catalunya" (ESMUC) to study orchestra conducting. My teacher is Jordi Mora.

I start a doctorate in Musicology.
2004 Conductor of a chamber singing group, ôSalou a capellaö.
2007 I finished my studies in orchestra conducting.

Creation of the performing group "Canyes del GaiÓ" consisting of gralles (shawms) and drums.

I started studies in Composition and Instrumentation of music for cobla, at the Conservatorium of Music in Girona with Francesc Cass˙, conductor of the "cobla La Principal de La Bisbal".
2008   In June I suffered a highest severity accident (head injury) which left me in coma for three weeks and later on with all my capacities of movement affected. I also got a few ribs and my right wrist broken, and deafnees in my left ear with my sense of balance affected. The recovery has lasted for years and has not been complete, therefore it has affected my way of living. Nevertheless my slow reflex reaction has improved with time, as well as my memory, and my capacity of sustained attention. I also could gradually recover the control of movement of my arms and hands so as to be able to play again the piano.
2009 I join the Choir Ciutat de Tarragona, this way I begin to do music again.

I start to give classes at Escola de M˙sica del Centre, in Reus, as a pianist playing accompaniment for students of string and wind instruments. Given my condition, it was hard for me, but it helped in my performing improvement.
2010 I had also lost the ability to compose music, but after two years I am very happy to see that I am gradually recovering it. That year I was able to write a sardana, which was premiered by the Cobla Sabadell.

I resume my studies in Composition and Instrumentation of music for cobla, with Francesc Cass˙.
2011 During this year I finish my Suite MediterrÓnia, a work for cobla and timpani in five movements. I am happy to be able to perform the premiere in November, at the Auditorium in Barcelona. Performing group was Cobla MediterrÓnia and myself as a conductor.

In 2011 I also got a commission to write a work to be performed during the performance of a play. I composed a work for violin and piano which was premiered in June at theatre Metropol in Tarragona. Later I wrote a condensed version of it as a concert work, and this one was premiered in November.
2012 I am checking the possibilities to continue with my Musicology Doctorate which I started in 2003, but the syllabus changed meanwhile and I get only parcial recognition of my doctorate subjects approved. Francesc CortŔs, which would be my tutor at the Thesis, is now looking at the possibilities for further validation.