Francesc Rius - Curriculum Vitae

Short résumé   Here is my life in the length of four paragraphs.
Musical C.V. Musical Curriculum, as it usually appears on concert programs.
Year after year If you have time and curiosity, a boringly detailed and exhaustive C.V.
Degrees These are diplomas to hang on the wall but also, a reason for satisfaction.

Short life résumé

I was born in Terrassa, near Barcelona, and studied chemistry and piano at the same time. When I finished (chemistry, of course, because music studies last forever!) I found a job in Tarragona (a nice town on the coast, 100 km down from Barcelona), where I have spent the major part of my life working as a research engineer for a major petrochemical company by the town.

During all this time I splitted my time, energies and passion between my proffessional dedication and music, although this was always second, and amateur.

But a few years ago my life changed: by the end of the nineties, many industrial companies were re-structuring their workforces and in 1999 I had the opportunity to quit, in a set of conditions that allowed me to fully devote myself to music.

From then on I have taught music, and have studied harpsichord, baroque oboe, gralla, a university degree in musicology, and orchestral conducting among other subjects. I did research in some musical subjects (exemples of them in this Web page), and have played chamber music with friends and colleagues. No need to say that I am very happy with this change!

Musical Curriculum:
summary of activities, as it could read in a concert program

Although Francesc Rius first learned music at the piano, as a performer Francesc is now above all a harpsichord performer and he is a member of the chamber baroque music group Concertare, and also a regular continuo player at some instrumental and vocal groups with either the harpsichord or the organ. On the other side, he also studied and plays the baroque oboe and the "gralla" (sort of popular shawm). He has a degree in History and Sciences of Music by the UAB (Barcelona Autonomous University), a degree in Harpsichord playing (by the Liceu in Barcelona), and has also got a degree in Orchestra Conducting by the ESMUC. He has also studied and worked on Choir Conducting.
Along his musical career, he has conducted: the "Coral del Centre Excursionista" in Terrassa, the "Coral Boixerica" in Tarragona, the chamber vocal groups "Camerata of Tarragona" and "Salou a Capella", and the students's orchestra of the Conservatory in Tarragona.
As a composer, he has written for several types of ensembles, among which stand choral music, traditional music groups, and for cobla (catalan wind Band), having won several awards at this activity.

Francesc Rius - Degrees

Degree in Chemistry (awarded in 1962, received in 2000).

Superior Degree in Harpsichord by the "Conservatori del Liceu" (awarded in 2003, received in 2008).

University Degree in Music History and Sciences by the UAB (awarded in 2003, received in 2007).

Superior Degree in Orchestra Conducting by the ESMUC (awarded in 2007, received in 2011).