Recordings with me conducting
1. ESMuC

Listen to the audio recordings of the works I conducted in some of my final course examinations in the ESMUC: (orchestral performance is in all cases by "Orquestra Pilot de l'ESMUC").

I conducted the First movement of the First Symphony by Beethoven in June 2005, and

I conducted the Second movement of the Fifth Symphony by Beethoven in June 2006.

Here I was not conducting an orchestra but an instrumental chamber group, consisting of 1 flute, 1 oboe, 1 clarinet en B b, 1 alt saxo, 1 horn in F, 1 basoon, percussion, 1 piano. The activity was called New music, and by Christmas 2006 performed a concert with little format original works based on Christmas tunes, composed by students at ESMuC which used the same instrumental forces. Here are two exemples of works I conducted,

Els Pastorets, by AdriÓ Barbosa, and
Nadala tortosina, by Oriol Saladrigues.

and the Concert at the end of my studies in Conducting, by September 2007, where I was offering a complete concert program, with Impressions Camperoles, by Joaquim Serra, and the Suite in G, by Juli Garreta.

Here goes the recording of the Fourth and last movement of this Suite in G, by Juli Garreta.

Recordings with me conducting
2. Others

Now I will give some examples of both my early period in orchestra conducting, as well as the last time I did it:

--> My first experiences in orchestra conducting were in the period 1987-1988, when I rehearsed and conducted an orchestra of students at the Conservatorium in Tarragona. From that epoch I selected here the recording of Abdelazer Suite, by Henry Purcell.

--> In December 20th, 2008 I conducted in Reus the Divertimento K 138 by Mozart for strings orchestra, as the only instrumental work in a choral program all Mozart, which my wife, Nuri Francino conducted with Cor Mestral from Reus where they performed the motet "Sancta Maria, Mater Dei" K 273, and the "Spatzenmesse" K 220, both for choir and orchestra. The concert was performed again in January 4th. at El Morell, and January 10th. at Vilallonga del Camp.
This, which could be a news more or less unimportant, is for me very, very important. As I already said in another place in my Web page, in June 2008 I suffered a severe accident with skull politraumatism of which I am still recovering and which, for the moment, has left me with significant consequences, specially in mental concentration, difficulties in memory retention, migraines, hearing noises and stability problems in my balance, in addition to limitations of movement due to miscellaneous pains coming from ribs and wrist breakages. Therefore, the fact that I could win through this and be able to learn the musical work by hearth and to conduct it with fluency, has been for me a terrific exercise of rehabilitation, demonstrating that I am more or less back and able to conduct again.
It is for this reason that I am particularly proud of it and want to share with you the recording of this Divertimento K 138 de Mozart, in this case the one from the concert that I conducted in January the 10th. 2009, at Vilallonga. The orchestra was not a regular group, but gathered for the occasion of these concerts, and was formed by two first violins, two second violins, two alto viols, two celli and one doublebass. The work consists of three movements:
1st. - Allegro, 2nd. - Andante, 3rd. - Presto.

Divertimento K 138

* If you want to listen to the choral part of the concert, click here to get to the files of our performance of January the 10th. (in these works I was playing the organ, and it was my wife Nuri Francino who conducted the choir Mestral, the orquestra and the soloists) on the performance of these two works by Mozart:

motet "Sancta Maria, Mater Dei" K 273
missa "Spatzenmesse" K 220