The music of the 16th century

During the 16th century, we go through the so-called Musical Renaissance, which is the golden era for vocal polyphony, with big vocal and choir ensembles. As this happens, instrumental music is just starting an independent development, and has not yet threatened the status of music with text.

Orlando di Lasso (this is to say, Roland de Lassus), one of the greatest composers of the 16th century.

Click here to see the article on the Wikipedia, and Another biography. Click to the engraving to listen to the madrigal "Bonjour, mon coeur".

Click on the Title page of the Pedrell book to see an article I wrote in 2003 on the subject of the collection of Brudieu's madrigals on texts by Ausiàs March.

Title page of the book by Felip Pedrell
and Higini Anglès, published in 1921
and dedicated to the work of Brudieu.

A Web page with everything related to Victoria, all its works in score and MIDI, some facsimiles, MP3 files "recorded by amateur choirs from everywhere", performance criteria, bibliography, etc. Even you can find the apocryphal works. Click the engraving to see this incredible page.

portrait of Tomás Luis de Victoria