My family / town

My wife Núria and
my daughters Marta & Mònica
The town
where I live

Here is a picture of my wife, Nuri Francino, with our two daughters, Marta and Monica at the waterfalls of Rhin river, in Schauffhausen (Switzerland), taken in February 2005 when we went there on vacation. We did this trip to Switzerland because the family lived there in the eighties during two years: Monica was born in that country, in Horgen, near Zurich, and we moved back to Tarragona when she was 3 months old. From then on, we had not been there with them anymore.

Nuri, professionally is an insurance's agent, but she is also doing a lot of musical activities, mainly in the field of choirs.

Click to see her curriculum, as it is usually published in many concert programs.

My daughter Marta, after finishing her university studies in English Philology, decided to learn Plastic Arts at Massana School, in Barcelona, where she started in 2004.

At present, she is an English Language professor at the Oficial School of Languages in Barcelona, and she is doing also some painting. Here you will find a sampling of some of her



ceramic tiles and stained glass

imitation jewellery.

My daughter Monica, here comparing herself to Venus.

She has a Degree in Biology by the Barcelona University (UB), and is presently doing there a Doctorate.

Finally, this link brings us to a webpage which gives us the distribution in Spain of the surname “Rius” , so we learn that in Spain there are ca. 5600 persons with this surname, of which more than 4000 are in Catalunya, and about 650 in the Valencia region. We learn also that there are more than 600 people with this surname in France, only 10 in Switzerland, and almost one hundred in USA.

Note- The last time I visited the page, if I tried to initiate from there a search on another surname, when pressing the botton “Búsqueda” (search) I was getting a “Server Internal Error”, and the only way I could find to get what I was looking for was, writting directly the surname at the URL bar, this is, substituting the surname rius by the new surname I was trying to search on the Web browser
(for example, This way we find that there are ca. 100 people with the surname “Francino” in Spain, of which almost 80 in Catalunya, but also in the USA there are some 36 people with this surname.