One of the last pictures of my mother, who died of Alzheimer's illness (+ 2005). Rest in peace!

We suffered a lot at seing how this desease was gradually grunding and diluting her thinking along the years. But even more, at the begining she realized her situation and often was telling us: I don't know what is happening to me, but I feel a vacuum in my brain ...

And this is my father Josep also in a picture of the year 2005. He is a musician like me, he is in fact a cellist, and here I dedicate to him this linked page with some pictures and audio recordings from him.

Note from 2009.- It took us by surprise -it is always like that- but my father died all of a sudden of a hearth failure, due to a breathing insuficiency (+ January 24th, 2009). Rest in peace!
I leave the link above, which leads to the page devoted to him, untouched.

Additionally, I include here a biographical document of him, in which he writtes of the time of spanish civil war , a charming writing which he wrote when he was already a senior, and we recovered now from among his papers.