Francesc Rius, conductor

In the sixties I attended several times the Lleida summer courses, in the subject of choir conducting: this is a very old and deteriorated picture, but funny, where from left to right we can see, apart from the girl which now I don't recall, Jordi Casas, Salvador Mas just after leaving the Escolania of Montserrat, Saladrigues, and myself.

The professors at that time: from right to left, César Geoffray, Erwin List, Lluís Virgili, Leo Massó ... and some others (I am not sure whether they came that year) that do not appear in the photo, like Lucien Jean Baptiste, Oriol Martorell ...

From Lleida I got technique, experience ... and this paper.

I conducted the choir of Centre Excursionista de Terrassa from its creation in the year 1964 (re-creation, because it had already existed in the past) till I moved to Tarragona in October 1967.

As many of the singers in this choir were at the same time mountaneers, we could even go once several tens of meters down the abyss with a few stepladders and perform a concert in the big gallery of the "Abyss of el Llest", in Sant Llorenç del Munt.

The "Coral Boixerica" was founded in the year 1967 at the "Club de Joves de Tarragona", and reverend Gil was his first conductor. I took it from him several months later and one of the first activities was this one, where we participated in the first gathering of choirs singing mountaneering songs that took place in Montblanc (1968?), and the soul of which was Josep Mª Castelló (who unfortunately passed away several years later).

In the year 1971 the "Coral Boixerica" participated for the first time at the "Choralies", which organized by "A Choeur Joie", took place on summers at Vaison la Romaine (France). This is a picture of our concert there, on august 12th, 1971. Below, two photos of mine during the concert.


The last concert of the "Coral Boixerica" took place in the year 1975, and was a joint performance with "Cor Montserrat" of Terrassa (conductor: Joan Casals), and "Schola Cantorum Universitària" of Barcelona (conductor: Francesc Macias), in an ambicious program with a first part consisting of negro spirituals for choir and jazz trio, some of them arranged by myself and which I conducted, and a second part with a Requiem to the memorial of Cesar Geoffray, for choir and orchestra, by Wolfgang Regel, this time conducted by Oriol Martorell.

This course that I attended in 1978, started my interest for orchestra conducting.

In the year 1987 the violin teacher of the Conservatorium of Tarragona, put the drive on the creation of a students' orchestra linked to the conservatorium, and asked me to conduct it. This is the news at the newspaper informing of the inaugural concert , and below, a picture of this concert.

Concert of this orchestra at El Catllar, in the year 1988.

Program of the concert of the orchestra at La Bisbal del Penedès, in the year 1988.