Francesc Rius, performer

I do not know where it is, but there is an audience, and I was ten by then (1956). It is probably my first "concert".

This picture is from later (1962), and at the Conservatorium of Terrassa.


A journalist pictured me (1965) and I appeared at the local newspaper.

And this (1972) is probably my last piano concert, at the Conservatorium of Tarragona. Afterwards I changed to harpsichord and organ, and although I continued more or less playing the piano, I did it not anymore as a soloist.

This was a group of voices in Terrassa singing "negro-spirituals" and "country" songs. They were then in fashion in Catalonia. It was the time of "kumbaya", of Joan Baez, and of the "new catalan songs"; on that ocasion of the newspaper, we shared concert (november 1968) with singer and composer Maria Betriu. From left to right: David Navarro, Jaume Parera, Ricard Aranda, and me. Later on, the group became larger with Jaume PrunÚs and Maria Cardellach.

I keep a few recording of that time. Although the recording quality is not good, it is enough to figure out how was more or less sounding:

click to listen to the negro spiritual Vull ser lliure (I want freedom),

and click to listen to the negro spiritual Malgrat tot (In spite of everything).

Contrary to what has been the norm afterwards, of singing this repertoire with the original text, in that time everything was translated. The arrangements for equal voices are mine.

Concertare is a chamber group having the baroque trio-sonata as the basis of its repertoire. Founded in 1986, soon stabilized into flute traverso / violin / violoncello / harpsichord (which at that time was a spinet). This first picture was of 1988.

Later on we changed the violinist. And I replaced the spinet with a real harpsichord. See the change of people and instruments at the newspaper review of the year 1993.

Also during some time we incorporated a voice and did italian and french cantatas (Alessandro Scarlatti and others).

And after some time we substituted the flute by a second violin.

In the most recent time of the group, we changed people again and instruments into period instruments. Now we play with two recorders (which change to baroque traverso and "flauta di voce" as needed), bassoon or dulcian, and harpsichord. This is a picture of a recent concert of the group, in April 22th, 2006 at the church in Flix.