Francesc Rius - other, non musical activities

  • When I was a child

  • Time ago it was common to play a lot on the street. Here, I am one and a half years old, and I stay with my cousin, both sitting on the side walk, in front of his doorway, as we were neighbours. I am the one on the left side (at that time I had my hair blond and curly). The street was not covered with asphalt and car were only seldom passing by.

    Here I was four and a half, and I continue with waving hair.

    A session with "cinema NIC" (there were no DVDs, before!).

    With my brother Toni, seated on our house's doorstep, at Sant Marią street, in Terrassa. I am that on the left side, and I was about 9 by then.

    Public session on poetry reading, at the premises of the "Coro Vell", in Terrassa (in the fifties). I am the one ahead. Each saturday afternoon, a session was taking place where we read and commented on poems, and it was this way that I learned more o less Catalan (which at that time was forbidden at school).

  • When I was a boy Scout

  • I was a boy Scout from the age of 12 till I was 17 or 18. This is a picture from the day of my "Scout promise", in 1959: "On my honor and with God's help, I promise to do my best ..."

    We learnt to be self-sufficient: when we needed a dining room, we took the axe, cut a few young trees and made a table and benches of them, while the longer trees served to hold the awning to protect us from sun. The kitchen was done in the same way, and even the W.C. (all ecology and enviromental related matters, only came later). The picture is from a camp in Pedraforca, probably the year 1960. On the foreground, the patrol's pennon: we were "Eagles" and our cry was "cri, cri, cri".

    In the summer of 1962, we did a crossing through the Pyrinees, beginning by the Vall Ferrera, crossing Andorra from West to East, and ending in Puigcerdą. Two shots: with David Navarro, among the mountains; and rappeling on a wall over lake Areste.

  • Doing other activities

  • When I was no Scout any longer, I continued with mountaineering and started speleology, because in the surrounding area of Terrassa, by the mountains of Sant Llorenē del Munt and of Montserrat, there are many interesting caves and potholes. Here, with my friend Ricard Aranda (me on the left side), both with "working clothes".

    At the parish church of Can Palet where my father was the organist, each year by Christmas they organized the performance of the popular theatrical representation of Christ coming to this world, which we call "Pastorets" (little shepherds). I was representing a shepherd, I am the one at the fore on the left side, standing and with crossed arms; the picture is from 1961.

    I felt the urge to perform theatre works again when I arrived in Tarragona in 1967. This picture should be from 1969 or 1970, and I do not remember the tittle of the performed work; what I remember is that shortly later we performed "Waiting for Godot", by Samuel Becket.

    I was also a member of the group of sardana dancers "Estel de Montserrat", from Terrassa. Afterwards I was a founding member of the group "Sant Jordi", of the same organization. This is a picture of december 1962, during a performance on the yard of the "Social", in Terrassa.

    On the Web page of this link there is a lot of information about the sardana in Terrassa. Once you reach the page, click on "Estel de Montserrat" to see a small history of the group. The rest of the page by Jaume Teres is also very interesting. (or maybe it is nostalgia?)

    My friend Enric Larreula, now a respectable gentleman wearing a white beard, was jumping higher than I did in the picture, because I think he had felt in love and "she" didn't know it yet. Picture taken on a visit to the castle of Penyķscola.

    A picture of my labour world, in Tarragona, at the Research laboratory of the Dow Chemical, observing a plastic small drum just moulded. This was probably in the early seventies.