Other links

Sound of gralla and drum in different formats.

To broaden your choice of repertoire, just have a look at Skamot, a page to search for the score you need and you don't find.

Several links on grallers and drummers (a pity that some of them do not work!)

A good Webpage on gralles, the one from grallers.cat

From the earlier page, we should bring out for its importance and poor general diffusion, CDs with gralla music.

And a link to one of the best group of gralla players, the Ganxets - grallers del Baix Camp.

Dol i tab, a page devoted to the dolçaina from Valencia.

Another one of dolçaina valenciana, El Club de la Dolçaina.

Also a page devoted to dulzaina from Castilla, A ritmo de dulzaina.

This one is devoted to The navarrese gaita, a bagpipe by name which is in fact a dulzaina.