Grallers de la Platja Llarga / Canyes del Gaiā

Towards the end of 2006 I joined some friends to start a group of gralla players in Tarragona, around the demonstrations led by the Platform "Salvem la Platja Llarga" (Save the Long Beach), with the purpose to avoid the construction of a planned promenade walk in concrete and of clusters of appartments along the Platja Llarga in Tarragona: we participated and played our music in these calls, presenting ourselves as "Grallers de la Platja Llarga", and have continued to use this name in this and other civic gatherings in Tarragona.

Grallers de la Platja: Gathering at the "Mediterranean Balcony"

Later on, we provided the musical accompaniment to the "Ōlibes d'Ardenya" ("Ardenya's Owls", which dance on occassion of the feasts. Ardenya is a village at 12 km. from Tarragona, and Xavi, one of our members, live there). These "owls", built up with the same materials as the "giants", represent a couple of these birds and were created in 2007. The group of gralla players, together with a group of bagpipes also attached to the "owls", took the name of "Canyes del Gaiā" ("Reeds of the [river] Gaiā").

Canyes del Gaiā: Dance of the Owls at El Ferrān, 2007

April 2008 - Canyes del Gaiā participated in the 2008 venue of the Medieval Week in Montblanc.

Canyes del Gaiā: Group of gralla players at the front, group of bagpipe players, behind.

Note: as a result of my accident in 2008, I don't play with these groups any longer.