Parts of the gralla.

The gralla is a double reed wind instrument, made out of wood, of conical form and some 34 centimeters long, with six fingering holes in front and one behind. The sound is produced by the vibration of two blades of reed tied together one against the other forming a double reed, which we introduce into the mouth slightly pinching it with the two lips. The union of the reed with the gralla is done with a metalic rod called mouthpiece. The gralla is a popular instrument in Catalunya, and similar to the "dulzaina" played in other regions in Spain and other Mediterranean countries.

The gralla is usually played in a two voices formation (played either by two performers or by a bigger group but splitted in two voices) and one or two drums.

There are two kinds of gralla: the earlier, keyless (called "dry" gralla), and the more evolved model, with keys to make for easier fingering and wider tessitura (called "sweet" gralla). Key models can be found with 2, 4, 5 or more keys.

Here you can see pictures of my two instruments: a "dry" gralla and a two keys's "sweet" gralla.