Composition contest in Salou

2006 Call      

In 2006 I participated for the first time in a contest for works composed for gralla, it was in the Competition "Vila de Salou", devoted to dancing music, and organized by "La Tarota", a gralla players' group in Salou.

One of the two works I submited was "Marejol", a small waltz which deserved an accesit, and the other, "El far de Salou", an "Americana", ended up as finalist.

Click to get the scores in pdf, the sound files in MIDI, and in the case of "Marejol", the live recording by "Canyes del Gaiā" during the ball de gralles (gralla dancing) at the Colla Jove in 2007.

Marejol [Mention]        (Small waltz)
                For 2 "dry" grallas
pdf midi mp3
El Far de Salou [Finalist]        (Americana)
                For 3 grallas (2 "dry", 1 with 2 keys)
pdf midi

2008 Call      

In 2008 I participated again on the contest with two more works, one for 2 grallas and the other for 3 grallas, but always using keyless ("dry") grallas.

On this occasion the two pieces were classified as "Finalists", one is a Paso doble named "Carrer avall" and the other a waltz-jota, named "Dragon Khan".

Click to get the scores in pdf and the sound files in MIDI.

Carrer avall [Finalist]        (Paso doble)
                For 2 "dry" grallas
pdf midi
Dragon Khan [Finalist]        (Vals-jota)
                For 3 "dry" grallas
pdf midi