Internet Resources

Which is our real speed of connexion to Internet? We have a nominal speed on our contract, but this varies according to the hour and the day, the path... With this page you will know the speed of transfer of information with which you can download and upload your files.  

The most used search engine in the web is GOOGLE: a searcher works using a robot called spider, o crawler, which automatically and constantly visit Internet sites and follow its hyper-links to create catalogs of Web pages. When we ask the search engine for some information, they review their catalogs and give us a list of pages which contain that information.  

We have also the option to use a meta-searcher, this is , a program with the capability to look into more than one searcher at a time, presenting then the results after elimination of the duplicates. Here is a link to metacrawler.  

An alternative to an automatic search is a Directory: In this system, a person has previously done an objective classification of the subjects by cathegories, and therefore it is easier to find related informations. Here is DMOZ Open directory project, one of the better known directories in the Web.  

These searchers are of a great help when we look for a software program which does something specific. Look at this Forum page, sharing with us a bunch of useful free ones.