Introduction to my Webpage

I wrote and go on writting this personal Webpage devoted to music, because this is a very important matter in my life. Do I refer to all kind of musiques? No, only to those that I like and amuse me, to those that attract me intellectually and above all, to those that move and touch me. To say it in a diferent way, to Traditional music around me, and to the musiques of the Culture of Western civilization, this is to say classical music, where I include the Early and Baroque music, romantic music, and that of the 20th century as well.

But the word MUSIC is polysemic, and refers also to other types of music that have other meanings, and on which I have not any interest, in which music would be only adjectival, only the backdrop of a visual show (frequently with a hook to show off the body, or directly sexual), or only dancing music to a type of repetitive dance that doesn't attract me either, or it can only be a bland vehicle to transmit a text, often banal, or even worse, it can be ambient music, intended to add sound to any public area without my consent. In this context, when the media here talk about catalan music, I bet they refer only to vocal music with a text in catalan, even when the tune may have a rock, country, or flamenco style. However, the music from catalan composers such as Toldrą or Joaquim Serra, or Mompou (among others), that really, truly sounds catalan, is not considered as such, except if it carries a text in catalan.
(In brackets, another music which bores me or makes me directly angry, is the one played by rather poor performers, and/or cheeky persons).

And that would be all, if we wouldn't have the History into account. But music from earlier times was different from the one at present, even within the same frame of the Culture of Western civilization. Even more, as the music is an ephemeral art which only exists really during performance, and if we have into account that musical notation, that helps us to retain the music details for the next performance, produced its first trial attempts whith the greeks, but only stands as a reliable system by the Middle Ages, evolving since to improve accuracy, then as we recede in the time line we have less and less certainty of how that music really sounded (in the same way as we don't know which type of language used our ancestors by the period which was previous to the invention of writing). However, the contemporary written descriptions of musical theories and practices in these earlier periods, the texts that we know were sung, the paintings, carvings and other graphic representations of instruments, or the surviving remains of some old instruments themselves, give us some clues on the way music could be perfomed in each historical period.

So far, that's all concerning composers and their works. In my Webpage however, I also wanted to talk about the different instruments, techniques used by the musician performers, and about the musical practice in general. And finally, let me underline that I didn't want to go in depth on all subjects discussed, but to give this insight only to the more interesting subjects to me. And this is all.