Where does this Website come from?

... it comes from Tarragona, the town where I live since more than 40 years ago !

The "balcony" over the Mediterranean sea, in Tarragona

A collection of photos from Tarragona, not only monuments but also pictures of diferent corners of the town.

Here you will find a group of photographers who show their work on any subject related to Tarragona. Very interesting.

National Museum of Archeology of Tarragona.

Diocesan Museum of Tarragona.

Museum of Modern Art of Tarragona.

Museum of History of Tarragona.

Tarragona Street locator.

Conservatorium of Music in Tarragona.


... and now at this point in time, I also want to refer to Terrassa, the town where I was born, I spent my youth' years, and I did my studies !

The Castle of Vallparadís, one of the corners I like most in Terrassa

There is also another place there which I like very much, it is that with the romanic churches of Saint Peter. Click here to see them as they are now ...

... and in old times, before the restoration of the area.