The music for Cobla

The catalan word Cobla is used since early times to refer to instrumental music groups which along time have designed many diferent ensembles varying in size and composition, however with wind instruments prevailing; it comes from latin copula, a word which derived in the occitan cobla, which means union and refers to coupling of diferent instruments.

Presently it designs a catalan, indigenous musical ensemble which mainly plays the music of diferent popular dances, specially the Sardana, but which is also used to perform concert music of symphonic character.

At present, the cobla consists of eleven musicians playing twelve instruments. The musicians are arranged in two rows: in the front row there are five musicians (who play seated) with woodwind instruments, and where the musician at the far left plays besides flabiol (a kind of small recorder), a small drum called tamborí, and the other instruments are two tibles and two tenoras; and in the rear row five more musicians (who play either seated or standing up) with brass instruments, namely, 2 trumpets, 1 trombone, and 2 fiscorns. Player no. 11 doesn't line with any row, and stands on the right side.

This video shows all the instruments we just mentioned.

The "tenora"

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