Musical activities I presently do

As you may have realized when surfing through this web, there are activities in music which I do better than others and moreover, which I like them more. As some of these may be also of your interest, I list them here below:

  • Continuo player (at the harpsichord or the organ)

  • Concertare, a baroque music group

  • Conductor (for orchestra, choir, or instrumental group)

  • Lecturing and educational musical activities

  • Composition

  • [And if you want to contact me, I live in Tarragona and you will find me here:]


    Basso continuo at the harpsichord

    or the organ, in a baroque score. I have done a lot of chamber music, and performances along with choirs, orchestras, or soloists, choir and orchestra.

    On the box below, I include a couple of recordings with examples of myself playing a continuo accompaniment at the harpsichord on different occasions, like a concert with a cantata by Alessandro Scarlatti, performed in the year 1993 with the group Concertare and the mezzosoprano Alejandra Spagnuolo, or a short fragment of continuo at the organ from Handel's Messiah, performed in 2003 with "Mestral Choir" and the orchestra of "Centre de Lectura" in Reus.

    click to get a program example where I play continuo at the harpsichord

    Correa nel seno amato . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .A. Scarlatti

    Behold, a virgin shall conceive (from Messiah) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . G.F. Handel

    Concertare, baroque chamber music

    The instrumental grup Concertare is an early music quartet with two wind melodic instruments (recorders or flute/oboe) and a basso continuo with a basoon and harpsichord, where I play this last instrument.

    Click on the icon at the right side to link to the Webpage of the Group.

    Orchestra conductor

    or choir conductor, or conductor for other instrumental groups. I do not have any steady group, but I do sporadic conducting whenever I have the opportunity.

    I attach a recording of the second movement of the fifth symphony by Beethoven, which I conducted on June 6th, 2006, during my yearly conducting examination, played by the ESMUC Pilot Orchestra.

    5th Symphony, second movement

    Lectures in Music

    or classes on Music History or other subjects. I do also performances as accompanist.

    This link on the right side takes you to a few of my writtings on Music History research.


    so far this one has not been a central activity for me, but I have written a few works that I used as a performing material for the instruments I play, or for instrumental groups that I conducted, or as works that I submitted to a composition contest, or that I wrote because I had been commissioned for it.

    This link on the right side takes you to the recording of a work of mine for violin and piano, called “Six miniatures” which was premiered in November 20th, 2011, at Catalunya Caixa's Auditorium in Tarragona. Performers were Raúl Contreras, violin, and Alba Solé, piano.

    Additionally you will find more works of mine at the sections “Music for Cobla” and “Gralla” in this Web.