The four sardanas that I wrote when I was young

Although I started practicing the piano at the age of 10 or 11, it was not till later, when I was 17, that I really felt "attached" to music, and this was mainly when I started to write music, first small works for piano, then chamber music, and very soon, for cobla.

I was then dancing in one group of young people who met regularly to dance to the music of sardanas and it was quite natural to start writting sardanas, with the indispensable help of the "Cobla instrumentation treatise" by Joaquim Serra. I wrote a total of four works, from 1963 till 1965. The pitty is that the performing level of the majority of coblas was very poor and they didn't rehearse at all (they performed at first sight, at least, the ones to which I had access), and regarding my compositions, one was not performed even once, and I could hear the other three only a few times and in precarious conditions.

Soon I stopped writting for cobla and started my musical activities in the world of choirs. But recently and because of my studies of Instrumentation which I did while studying orchestra conducting at ESMUC (2003-2007), I have unearthed those 4 sardanas which I now reviewed and revised extensively and at the same time could listen to in better conditions, as the musical level of these ensembles has improved a lot since then:

Sant Llorenš del Munt

This was the first sardana recovered in 2004, when I had the possibility to include it in the programme schedule of a concert of music for cobla, where a Cantata for a Child's choir and cobla was also premiered. The cantata was "Cada castell una flama" written by Olga Xirinachs (words) and Jordi Molina (music), about the subject of "castells" (building of human towers, popular in Catalunya).

As this cantata was sung by 5 child's choirs, this originated 5 performances one at each place of origin of each child's choir, namely Tarragona, Vilafranca, Valls, Torredembarra, and El Vendrell (5 important places where human towers are performed), and therefore I could listen to my sardana 5 times.

I chose this work because it was the one that had been never performed when I wrote it in 1964. For those concerts I reviewed it in depth and in the changes that followed it gained bars, new harmonies and even a new title, that was "Sant Llorenš del Munt", a mountain that the people from Terrassa love very much. On every occasion, the ensemble that performed the Cantata by Jordi Molina as well as my sardana, was the Cobla MediterrÓnia.

      Click on the drawing to listen to "Sant Llorenš del Munt", as performed by the Cobla MediterrÓnia in October 31th, 2004 in Torredembarra.

El darrer plor, and Margarida

Also taking advantage of my studies at ESMUC, the cobla of students of that center devoted one rehearsal in May 2005, to work on and perform these two sardanas of me that I had also reviewed by then. The session, conducted that time by Jordi Leˇn, was very interesting for me, and I hope also for the musicians who performed. In any case, I ended very happy of how my works sounded!

After that session, I again reviewed the two works. "El darrer plor" remains practically untouched , only with minor changes. But "Margarida" has changed somewhat more, therefore I would like to listen again to both of them once more!

      Click on the drawing to listen to "El darrer plor", as performed by the Cobla from the ESMUC on May 2005, at the orchestra hall in ESMUC, Barcelona.

      Click on the drawing to listen to "Margarida", as performed by the Cobla from the ESMUC on May 2005, at the orchestra hall in ESMUC, Barcelona.

A una donzella

"A una donzella" is the first sardana I wrote, in 1963. I have also revised it, but in this new version it has never been performed yet: However, as it is my first composition for cobla, I wish to include it here anyway, together with the rest of works.

      Click on the drawing to listen to "A una donzella", in electronic sound as resulting from the music writting program "Finale".

More information

I include here some Technical data and additional information of my sardanas.

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Note- Any cobla ensemble that would like to perform these works, need only to e-mail and ask me
[at the adress: riusfrancesc(at)gmail.com] , I will make the score and parts available to them.