Other links of interest

    Description of how to write sharp, natural, and flat symbols when typing a standard text in MS Word or other word processors (it works also with OpenOffice, at least when following the first procedure described in the document as "Insert / Symbol").

    Catalan Terminology for musical notation related words, done by the "Gabinet de Terminologia de la Universitat de les Illes Balears", with equivalents in other languages.

    Music Vocabulary in catalan, with audio examples.

    The same music Vocabulary , but in spanish.

    A music diccionary, in english.

    A History of Music.

    Music Theory, another History of Music, and more things like advises for composers and orchestrators.

    "Doce notas.com - Music & Dance", magazine of current musical events, with interviews, critiques, opinions, agenda, etc...

    Magazine "Claves Musicales".

    La Porta Clàssica, the first Music Portal in Catalan.

    Page by Bienvenido Arana: a lot of information on musicology, contemporary composition, Music theory and analysis.

    Exaudi nos, vocal-instrumental Group devoted to religious music and conducted by Joan Grimalt, who was my professor at the ESMUC.

    Personal Web page of the composer Bernat Vivancos, which again has been my professor at the ESMUC, and is now the new conductor for the children's choir Escolania de Montserrat, since the academic course 2007-2008. Information about his work.

    Web page of the musician and researcher Luca Chiantore, which has also been my professor at the ESMUC.

    Website on Music, Semiotics, and Cognitive Sciences, by Rubén López Cano, who was my academic tutor in my studies at the ESMUC.