The music of the Middle Ages

This is a Web page which describes the liturgical drama of the Assumption of Santa Maria de l'Estany.

This research on the drama has been done by Maricarmen Gómez Muntané and Francesc Massip: drama of the Assumption of Santa Maria de l'Estany is till now the only known case of this genre in Europe. It is a tropus sung in Latin and performed at the Introitus of the Mass for the Assumption day (August 15th), based on the Antiphona "Ubi est Christus meus" which is associated in Catalonia to the tropus of the three Maries which celebrates the resurrection of Christ. the drama, together with the preceding procession, ocupates the parchments 156-160 of the "Liber processionarius monasterii Stagnensis", written at the beginning of the 14th century and kept now in Vic.