Music of the Roman Era

from left to right, tibia, cymbals, and tympanum

Music continued to be very important for the roman society, perhaps with less theoretical disquisitions compared to the music in the greek society, however with a merrier slant.

In what it refers to instruments only a few have reached our age and those who have, in bad condition, however the sculptures, stone bas-reliefs, and wall frescoes provide us with suitable information. There is a page here with information about instruments, followed by another page with schematic drawings of instruments that enlarge when we click over them.

However, musical notation continues to be approximative and therefore, we can only guess how this music really sounded. We agree then with what this page, Como sonaba la música romana, says.

Here is another approach to the subject, that we find at La música de l’antiga Roma, corresponding to the program Nydia no. 367, of June 29th, 2008, broadcasted by Canal 33 (TV3). It is a documentary with the group Thaleia, from Tarragona.