Present day texts on performance and ornamentation

Monographies about 14 early music topics: , among them, Tempi in the baroque era, and Ornamentation. They can be found at the On Early Music list, on this Dolmetsch Webpage.

Catalan/spanish translation, made by Joan Vives, of chapter IX of "The interpretation of early music" by Robert Donington, The early baroque ornamentation.

Article in catalan/spanish by Joan Vives, Sobre la interpretació "inégale" o desigual of the french baroque music.

Here you will find the Avertissement at the beginning of the Premier Livre de pieces pour la Flûte traversiere et autres instruments, by Hotteterre (1715), with the corresponding Table of ornaments for general application to french music, and specially to the music by Hotteterre.

French music ornaments Summary-Table, the one that we used at the oboe classes by Renate Hildebrand.


Many link to pages of early music at the Dolmetsch online Webpage, some of them are important ones and others simply curious.'Webpage, where among other subjects we will find information on baroque instruments and baroque composers.