The controversy: "authentic" performance, or
"according to the tradition"?

An article by Joan Vives, summarizing the present state of the performance of Early Music: Criteris hist˛rics o la revitalitzaciˇ d'una estŔtica de la interpretaciˇ.

Here there are some short remarks about musical performance in diferent past times.

This page is called Present day misconceptions about Bach performance practice in the nineteenth century.

This is The HIP-ocrisy Home Page, (english language sometimes uses the expression Historically Informed Performance, o HIP, for a performance according to criteria from the early treatises).

Modern or ancient way of pronunciation: Chantez-vous Franšais? by Olivier Bettens. Curious remarks about singing in French, from the Middle ages to the Baroque period.

Is Early Music really "Early", or it is in fact very new? An article called El Barroco Musical y el Arte Abstracto by Xavier Blanch, which appeared in the Early Music magazine Goldberg, no. 31 of the year 2004, proposes that the revolution in the Abstract Art of the 20th Century, when it dispensed with representation and meaning, had been done already by the Baroque Music when it dispensed with the Word and meaning, and invented instrumental music.