Scores and music books

Painting by Renoir: "Jeunes filles au piano", from 1892.

    Catalogue of music books from “Arnaldo Forni Editore”, specially known for the facsimiles, be it musical treatises or scores”.

    More music facsimiles, from “Studio per Edizioni Scelte s.r.l.”, SPES (Italy).

    Prizes "Reus" of composition for children choirs.
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    Saul B. Groen, bookshop in Amsterdam specialized in early music scores. They send by mail.

    Scores of the most important and known operas of the repertoire, in total more than seventy operas, some of them in full score and others in vocal reduction.

    And as we are dealing with opera, this page lists the majority of opera composers and libretists, with the corresponding catalogues, texts of the libretti, and other data.

    Still another page about opera, KAREOL, which begins by saying: if we are 400.000.000 people speaking in Spanish, why should we not have a page on opera with the texts in Spanish? so that we have available a lot of libretti in original version and translation into Spanish; we also find Bach Cantatas, or Schubert lieder in spanish translation.

    Free choir scores, at the page of “Choral Public Domain Library” (CPDL).

   Atril Coral: miscellaneous choir scores .
It contains the old fund of scores in the web of Choir "Hilarión Eslava"

    Free instrumental scores, at the page of: "Free-Scores, The Sheet Music Directory, free sheet music to download".

    Catalogue of music books, from “Cambridge University Press”.

    Catalogue of music publications - books, scores, magazines - from “Oxford University Press”.