Radio / TV

From this page you can access Catalunya Música live. You can also download the monthly programming, as well as to access other radio stations: Catalunya Radio, and Catalunya Informació.


From this page you can listen to Radio Clásica (from Radio Nacional de España) live. You can also download the monthly programming.


Here you will find a page of pages, that is, Classical Live Online Radio, which gives access to more than 100 pages of Classical Music radio stations all over the world (in 3 cathegories = Europe, USA, Rest of World), which broadcast live music.


Regarding TV, and contrary to the word and music transmitted by a radio station, the images from a TV station are much more difficult to transmit, due to the larger quantity of circulating data and therefore, to the bandwidth needed. For the moment the screen dimensions are very small and the image quality is poor, but with time it will improve for sure. And in any case, it can be a convenient way to watch hundreds or thousands of TV stations in the whole world.
This URL adress gives you direct access to 1567 channels worldwide (49 in Spain), many of them local, as Granollers TV, or Canal Castelló. (Other systems of zapping require a software program to be installed, look more or less the same, and you have to pay for them).