Music research

portative organ, wood carving in a back of a choir stall from the Girona cathedral.

  • Francesc Rius: music research writtings
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  • Francesc Rius: music research writtings

        A research work I prepared in 2003 on The origin of the gralla. here in its english version.

       A short writting on The musical inspiration and the composer, an overview of the manner with which the scholars and the composers themselves have seen the phenomenon of the inspiration in the different historical times.

       A research on The musicians-angels on the backs of the old gothic choir stalls of the 14th century in the cathedral of Girona: musical study of the remains preserved till the present.

       Essay done at University, on Early Music documents of some of the Middle Age "Alleluya" scores preserved at the Iberian Peninsula. Although the subject may be a little dry, and its development doesn't make it softer either, I like to include it here, first of all because it is a collective work I did with Esther Palacios and Laura Gené, two colleage students and friends of mine, and later because of the good mark obtained from the teacher, MariCarmen Gómez Muntané, as it can be read on the frontpage.

       Short article dedicated to the collection of madrigals by Brudieu on texts by Ausiàs March.

       Short article dedicated to the presence of the Catalan popular songs in the repertoire of the choirs in Catalonia.

       Short work on the catalan composer Vicenç Cuyàs, and his first and only opera of terrific success, La Fattucchiera, premiered in 1838 in Barcelona i which held 24 consecutive performances. The tittle of the work is: "Italian or french music, in the opera of Vicenç Cuyàs, La Fattucchiera?"

        My study springs from the meticulous and realistic description that the french writter Gustave Flaubert does of a performance of the famous opera by Donizetti Lucie de Lammermoor at the Chapter XV of his famous novel "Madame Bovary".

       Relations between text and music on the opera by Rossini La Cenerentola

        Interview to the composer Guinjoan, with a short comment on the significance of his work.

        Short analysis of the War Requiem by Benjamin Britten, with some considerations on the peculiarities and dificulties of its performance, specially from the point of view of its conducting.

        A research work on the organization and goals of a harpsichord teaching class, corresponding to the Elementary degree, according to the spanish regulation LOGSE.

        A research work of mine, whose title in its english translation would be The music of Juli Garreta, with a special emphasis on its orchestral music and, in particular, in its Suite en sol which, apart from what its title says, presents as well a general study on the life and works of this composer, which I wrote and presented to ESMUC in 2007, as a research work at the end of my studies.

    Other research or essay writtings on the Web

       Some very good articles from the Goldberg musical magazine.

       A writting by Magda Polo: Program music.

        Article on music for oboe band, written by Renate Hildebrand.

        A very interesting article: The teaching of music in the Middle Ages, by Jacques Viret.

        The online magazine TRANS, "Revista Transcultural de Música", available on the Web of the SiBE, Society of Etnomusicology. Usually you will find interesting writtings and reviews.