Goldberg magazine

On the Wikipedia we find this entry:

Goldberg Magazine was a Spanish-based publication devoted to early music and Baroque music. The Magazine was initially published in bilingual English/Spanish and English/French versions. Starting September 2003, the Magazine published three separate editions in English, French and Spanish and in 2004 the Magazine went from four to six issues per year.

Goldberg Magazine launched a website called -- "the early-music portal" -- to diversify communication channels for lovers of early music.

On 21 November 2008 Goldberg Ediciones announced that it was suspending publication of the magazine due to financial difficulties.

As you have read on the precedent paragraph, Goldberg magazine is unfortunately, already history. It is for this reason that I would like to contribute to further availability of the articles that the magazine had in its Webpage, so as I had copied a few of them, here they are for people to enjoy. These are the ones I kept:

* Bach y la práctica interpretativa, por Roland Jackson

* El barroco musical y el arte abstracto, por Xavier Blanch

* Ensayo: cantar a Bach, por Andreas Scholl

* Cantatas de Bach, por Ton Koopman

* El órgano clásico francés, por Pierre Dubois

* La Pasiones, versiones y problemas, por Daniel R. Melamed

* Un órgano para interpretar a Bach, por Pierre Dubois