Works and composers: 19th century

Schubert at the piano, a painting by Gustav Klimt, 1899.
(destroyed by a fire during the second World War)


    Possible portrait of Vicenç Cuyàs

By 2004 I prepared a short article for the subject of "the opera at the 19th century in Catalonia" (Musicology Doctorate, UAB), about the catalan composer Vicenç Cuyàs, and outstanding composer born in 1816, which wrote a first and only opera of terrific success, called La Fattucchiera, premiered in 1838 in Barcelona and which had 24 consecutive performances. Cuyàs would probably have become an important opera composer had not he died, in the typically romantic manner, from tuberculosis on the day of the last performance of his opera, when he was only 22.
The tittle of my work: "Italian of french music, in the opera by Vicenç Cuyàs, La Fattucchiera?".

    Portrait of Gaetano Donizetti

This study was done for the subject of "History of Romantic Music", and springs from the meticulous and realistic description that the french writter Gustave Flaubert does of a performance of the famous opera by Donizetti Lucie de Lammermoor at the Chapter XV of his famous novel "Madame Bovary".

My work ended in an unexpected and fantastic manner which I include here as Annex.

    Portrait of Gioacchino Rossini

Relations between text and music on the opera by Rossini
"La Cenerentola".


    Portrait of Wagner

"Archivo Richard Wagner": A lot of information (in spanish) on this composer, biography, works, texts written by Wagner, texts referring to Wagner, and other, less common things like, tips on how to buy tickets for a Bayreuth performance (typically you have to wait for 8 years), or the scores of the Wagner operas with catalan text, as published by the Wagnerian Association in Barcelona at the beginning of the 20th century.

    Portrait of Berlioz

Clicking at the portrait of the composer, we should access the "Site Hector Berlioz", a Web page about the life and work of Berlioz.