Works and composers: 17th and 18th cent.

    A silhouette everybody knows; or doesn't?

Anyway, one of the greatests composers of the 18th century.

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  • Baroque Music

    Harmoniae is an italian Website for early music, mainly baroque one. You will find there information about Monteverdi - including texts of his vocal works and those of other authors, early music instruments....
    The site has closed! but luckily I have fished it again in another URL , the fact is that it changed to a blog with the same name!

    A lot of information about JS Bach, biography, portraits, works: for example, works classified by key, here we find that B minor was a favourite key in which he wrote a lot of works.

    General information about JS Bach Cantatas, lists and discussion about recordings, information about other works by Bach. Do not miss the links, it's everything there.

    Web page: "Welcome to the wonderful world of baroque music". It contains writtings on many composers, the baroque aesthetic, the german harpsichord, and the Silbermann organs.

    Classical Music

    The Mozart Project.

    The Mozart lover’s page.
    It was a page hosted in Geocities (Yahoo) till G. closed in October 2009. I have recovered it thanks to the Reocities project!

    Mad about Beethoven.

    Beethoven, page by Quirón Alvar in Spanish, presented this way: the most mindblowing Beethoven page. Here you will find the never seen before.

    Ludwig van Beethoven's Website, page by Dominique Prevot.

    Ludwig van Beethoven, presented this way: This site is devoted to the life and works of Ludwig van Beethoven, who in my opinion was the greatest composer to ever live. This site contains pictures relating to Beethoven, audio/MIDI files of Beethoven works, and general info about Beethoven.