Works and composers: 20th and 21st centuries

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    Joan Guinjoan

In the year 2002 i did a short research work about the composer Guinjoan. This was related to my University studies, and I did it for the subject of "History of Music in the 20th century. This work consist mainly of an interview plus some comments about the music of Guinjoan in the context of the contemporary music.

    Benjamin Britten

This is an analysis I did in 2004 on the "War Requiem" by Benjamin Britten, a work writen in 1961, with some considerations on the peculiarities and difficulties of its performance, specially from the point of view of conducting.

    Juli Garreta

A research work of mine, whose title in its english translation would be The music of Juli Garreta, with a special emphasis on its orchestral music and, in particular, in its Suite en sol which, apart from what its title says, presents as well a general study on the life and works of this composer, which I wrote and presented to ESMUC in 2007, as a research work at the end of my studies.


    The composer Igor Stravinsky

1.- The composer Maurice Ravel.

2.- Bolero, by Ravel

1.- The composer Manuel de Falla.

2.- Fundación Archivo Manuel de Falla

1.- The catalan composer Eduard Toldrŕ.

2.- Portrait of Toldrŕ

    The catalan composer Frederic Mompou.

    The catalan composer Manuel Blancafort

    The catalan composer Joan Manén.