Catalonia, a very thorough Webpage of the Generalitat de Catalunya, containing the subjects "Territory and people" and "Visit Catalonia" (together with "Studying", "Working", and "Investments and business").


Parks of Catalonia, webpage with the description of all Parks in the territory.


Google Maps: move along the rectangle in the right lower corner and vary the detail with the zoom controlled by the vertical zip, and you will obtain the map of the zone.


Michelin Road Maps.


Guia Repsol, to devise the route of your journey.


Page of Journeys, Tourism, Vacations.


Viatgeaddictes, the information guide for the independent traveller.


Page of the "Instituto Nacional de Meteorología" where we find the wheather forecast for the next 7 days for each town of the province of Tarragona. The page allows us to link with the same informations arranged by Spanish and European towns, provinces, and regions.